Originally set up in 2017 as a slideshow for our travels around the Balkans where we successfully navigated 9 countries in 12 days, this site has become about our travels further afield.

From exploring the cities and roads of the Balkans, to pounding the paths of the Baltics, all while purposefully taking the cultural and social sights along the way.

We hope it to be an album of memories from our trips, a record of my attempt to reach 50 countries (I am at 46 and counting, Kat has 24 so far) and also serve as some assistance to others attempting similar things in future; you can never have too much good advice on the Balkans/Baltic’s. After all it is an unpredictable world and not always full of advice that is useful – like what border crossing to try, what to watch out for, etc.

Hopefully as we travel this will expand and always be a way to remind us of the travels we took.